Hey! I'm Joel.

I'm a User experience Design leader in Denver, CO. I like building software, teams, Bikes, furniture, A perfect omelette....


I'm HFI certified as both a usability analyst (CUA) and user experience analyst (CXA), and in November 2005 I was salesman of the month at Diamond Chevrolet in North Carolina. True story.

Over the last 12+ years I've honed my user centered design skills on eCommerce website and web & mobile apps. My work as an experience designer spans retail, non profit, financial services, and B2B SAAS platforms.

I love building better software for people, and helping organizations establish enterprise level UX processes.

Simply put, yet never simply done, Joel extracts that “-er” factor from people. He motivates his team to make smart ideas smarter, sexy designs sexier, and punchy lines punchier.
— Matt Shuford, Former team member at Lowes.com

Recent Professional Roles

I currently lead a user experience design team for Quest Software where we’re actively exploring Agile design techniques. Most of what we’re doing involves creating benchmarks and internal processes, conducting user research, and sketching out ideas to help development teams build things.

Before that I was UX Manager for Oildex, where I built our user experience process by setting up strategies for user research, creating a visual design pattern library, and directing user interface improvements.


What about outside of work?

A perfect weekend for me involves getting out for a long bike ride (that's me in the 2015 Triple Bypass ride), snowboarding fresh powder, or taking a road trip with my family to explore some rad part of Colorado.

I also build furniture and other items from salvaged wood. Check that out at my other site ColoradoRustics.com.




I’m an official Skratchlete. I love their stuff, and they help me do what I do. So I try to spread the love for their brand. Check them out.