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Recent User Experience Posts for Oildex

Every user has different needs at different times. A dashboard should accommodate the context of each user, and that’s where things get tricky. We need to create flexible dashboard layouts that allow for progressive disclosure of information.

from How Oildex uses User Experience principles to build functional dashboards

We spend a lot of time considering the order and importance of certain fields over others. When space is limited we try to surface the most important items first, which can help our users enter data more efficiently.

from Responsive Design in the Oildex Suite

When our customers are building their businesses on top of our software we don’t want to make guesses. We have made significant investments in our usability research practice to ensure customers have a productive, secure and error free experience. If you attended one of our Community Conferences in September, you got to experience some of our research techniques. 

from If you’re not testing, you’re guessing


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Adding more meetings with more people can create less work for you toward the end of a project.

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Customers’ feelings toward a product are harder to put numbers to, and sometimes take years before patterns become visible. However, no one will argue that providing positive customer experience will have an impact on a business’s numbers. It’s just a little harder to create that spreadsheet. 
To that end, a successful UX practice must have support from the top of the organization.

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