Here are a few samples from blog posts I've written.

Adding more meetings with more people can create less work for you toward the end of a project.

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Customers’ feelings toward a product are harder to put numbers to, and sometimes take years before patterns become visible. However, no one will argue that providing positive customer experience will have an impact on a business’s numbers. It’s just a little harder to create that spreadsheet. 
To that end, a successful UX practice must have support from the top of the organization.

from Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know about UX (


Hire people who show they’re visualizing themselves in a position, and taking their relationship with you seriously. And don't be afraid to hire the ones who seem like they might question the status quo. You need those people.

from Three Keys to Building Your Team


I’m doing work now that I used to have people reporting to me do. Yep. I’m in photoshop designing. I’m writing CSS. I’m in the weeds occasionally. And it’s liberating.

from I'm a Sr. User Experience Manager. So what?

Don't make me tell you NOT to recommend a creepy little garden gnome because I looked for patio furniture.

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