A few examples of My Work


GutCheck - Study Stimuli

For this feature I worked with our internal team of market researchers to help design a better way for them to manage images and stimuli used in consumer studies.


  • (User - InHouse Research Specialist) The current method of managing images and stimuli for consumer studies is tedious and prone to errors. We have to drill down into layers of DropBox folders for every image we use in study questions even if we're using the same image for several questions. There is also no quick way to preview the stimuli that are being used in questions to make sure we have the right images attached.


The GutCheck Media Library

I conducted user interviews with a few members of our internal team of market researchers. That confirmed the need for a quick, efficient way to attach multiple images to questions in studies. It was clear they needed to be able to use the same image across several questions without having to navigate to it individually every time. We also looked into some ways to allow quick QA of questions after they were created.

Working closely with the product manager and engineering team, I came up with a system that would fit into the existing design pattern and study building workflow. Adding a component called "Media Library" we gave researchers the ability to load all the images they would need for the study into the tool at once, or in stages. Images would be available for use without having to navigate layers of external folders.

Image stimuli would now be stored in the research tool, providing easy access for attaching them to (or removing from) questions in batches. 

I included small thumbnail indicators in the question list view that would allow the user to quickly view which questions had stimuli assigned. For quick QA, they could mouse-over the thumbnails to view a larger version of the image.

The rough Axure prototype can be seen here.


Ria Money Transfer - Staged Transactions

To expand quickly into a new international market we created a streamlined mobile only version of our existing money transfer site.


  • (User) I need a money transfer option that doesn't require standing in a separate line in a store or using a different vendor/retail agent altogether.
  • (Business) We need to establish brand presence in a new market with a digital product that's valuable to customers, and makes them aware of the Ria Money Transfer brand. This is the first phase of a full digital money transfer presence in country.


The Ria Money Transfer "Staged Transaction" 

Research showed that people were interested in the ability to "stage" transactions ahead of time, and then complete them as part of their regular in-store retail process. 

Using our established website pattern library and components I was able to quickly sketch out a responsive user flow that demonstrated the key pieces of functionality. The app allowed Ria's customers in Spain to easily set up a money transfer, and generate a barcode to scan at checkout to fulfill the transfer.

 These wireframes are what I created to begin the layout and design of the entry page of our staged money transfer product.

These wireframes are what I created to begin the layout and design of the entry page of our staged money transfer product.

 These wireframes show potential dashboard view for staged transaction customers.

These wireframes show potential dashboard view for staged transaction customers.

Screens below detail some of the functionality that users experience from registration, to syncing with previous transfers done in Ria stores, to the final barcode output. (The site is in both English and Spanish.)


Magnetic Branding - Logo

The client needed a fresh identity for her marketing agency. After a few discussions and sketches shown below we ended up with a strong logo and color scheme. I sketched out a few ideas, and ended up with the simplified final version at the bottom.

Ria Money Transfer - Digital Display Ads

Working with our Marketing department I created a series of display ads and social media posts for Ria that speak to the reasons people send money. The spots were intended to connect with the everyday life that our customers experience, and the reasons they'd send/request funds from friends and family. 

Lowes.com - MyLowe's Ads

Here is a look at some of my creative direction. I led the team responsible for homepage design and content at Lowe's. We created these ads to promote MyLowe's branded functionality on the site that synced in-store purchases with customers' online accounts. I would typically provide ideas and guidance in brainstorm sessions and then lead the production of the artwork. That would include copy, design, and photography.

Lowes.com - Homepage Design

I was fortunate to have some great writers and designers on my team at Lowe's. Serving as a creative director, I was able to produce some great work with my team. Below are a couple homepage screenshots I'm stoked to have seen go live.

Poster Design - live Music

Who doesn't get inspired at a great show?! I created these poster designs from a couple shows I went to in North Carolina. These were my own personal experiments in typography and layout. That, and I wanted something cool to put on my wall.

Thanks for looking!

You can find more of my public work here: http://behance.net/visionphotos. That includes previous work from Lowes.com and my freelance projects.